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Sustainability Monitoring Russia
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B Corporporation

B Corp is an international certification that evaluates the environmental and social performance of for-profit companies. It is is represented in 74 countries around the world. Certificate holders gain access to a global network of partners, solution providers, international investors, and become a member of an active ESG community.

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Why become a B Corp?

The B Corp certificate confirms a company’s compliance with sustainability standards and goals in the global marketplace. It is an international “seal of quality” in the field of ESG. Holders of the certificate gain exclusive access to investors and partners who are committed to supporting the B Corp mission.

Mark of quality

Be a leader and run your business sustainably in the new global economy.

International ESG community

B Corp is known for its active community. Get your ticket to a world of like-minded leaders and innovators.

Access to the best ESG practices

Share industry knowledge and represent your company internationally at forums, panels, and webinars.

Attract green finance

ESG investors who want to improve their portfolio level often look at B Corps for opportunities.

Enhance reputation and take advantage of PR and GR opportunities

Use the certification as a tool to develop your ESG marketing strategy and improve public relations.

Improve operational performance

Identify and eliminate unnecessary and wasteful expenditure and make your company resilient in the long term.

Who can become a B Corp?

Companies with a clear ESG strategy

Companies leading their respective industry and/or field

Companies with some ESG integration

Companies with a traditional corporate culture 

Companies without a clear ESG position

Social enterprises and NGOs

Companies producing sustainable products

Start ups with innovative solutions

Companies that want an IPO

How to become a B Corp?

Data analysis of your company’s core indicators: business reporting, corporate governance, social programmes, environmental complience etc.
B Impact Assessment (BIA) evaluates your company’s impact on the environment, society, customers, community, and workers. The minimum score required to become a BCorp is 80 points. We will help you reach your goal.
Application for the B Corp certificate. Preparation of materials, documents, support and assistance in obtaining the certificate. Once the certificate has been granted we will also support you in reporting and maintaining it.
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Rituals became a B Corp in 2022. The company uses its business operations as a force for good. This B Corp certification is the ultimate proof that affordable luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. To achieve B Corp status, Rituals has been assessed across all areas of its business. From products and people to the environment, Rituals is constantly working to improve sustainability outcomes.
ESG case


Patagonia is the first B-Corp in the United States. Patagonia has clearly defined its social and environmental values, by honouring its commitments to employees, customers, suppliers and communities – as well as to the financial health of its investors. Their criteria for selecting the best products are based on functionality, maintainability and, above all, durability. One of the most direct ways of limiting environmental impact of its operations is through products that last for generations or can be recycled so that the materials from which they are made remain in use.

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