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Why you need an ESG strategy?

Creating an ESG strategy is the most effective and consistent solution for the systematic integration of sustainable development into the life of a company. An ESG strategy takes into account governance, enviornmental, social, industry, regional, and national aspects in order to create long term opportunities and ensure the survival of your company.

How we develop ESG staretgies?

10 steps – from assessing the current state of your company to creating a roadmap and launching a pilot project


ESG state of play

We evaluate your company operations, products and ongoing initiatives related to core ESG criteria


Market and competitor analysis

We dissect the industry and your competitors from an ESG perspective: how responsible market players approach operations and their impact on the world around them.


Employee ESG survey

We find out how sustainability targets are managed by employees at all levels in order to determine the level of knowledge and alignment with sustainability values.


Supply chain analysis

We examine the company’s production cycle and assess whether the company’s suppliers are aligned with its sustainability goals. We can also conduct a LifeCycle Analysis (LCA) for a given product.


Customer and consumer ESG survey

We study customer and consumer preferences and how they are related your company’s sustainability goals. We then examine how to tailor sustainability goals in order to attract a larger consumer base.


Risk analysis

We assess financial, social, governance, environmental and climatic risks that could jeopardise your company’s operations, welfare and efficiency. We identify non-systemic, industry-specific risks and use international methodology (SASB, EBRD E&S Risk Management) to spot them. We also assess risks associated with changes in the regulatory and legal framework.


Identifying opportunities

We identify your company’s most promising ESG opportunities based on the research and analysis. We highlight monetization opportunities looking at business growth, marketing potentials, brand promotion, and sectoral or industry outcomes.


Development of an ESG strategy, KPIs and a roadmap

A corporate strategy is a high-level goal-setting document. A roadmap is a detailed plan of the steps required in implementing the strategy. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are based on international reporting standards such as the TCFD and the GRI and are developed for both long and short term goals.


Implementation of a pilot project

As part of the “quick win” tactic we develop a pilot project, implement it and evaluate its effectiveness on your company and key ESG criteria.


Adjusting the roadmap, KPIs, and ESG Reporting

Based on the results of the pilot project, we will update your ESG strategy and the roadmap. We will also assist you in non-financial disclosure in line with regulatory complience

Impacts of an ESG Strategy

  • Systematic integration of ESG into company operations
  • Creating GR and PR opportunities
  • Identifying and acting on monetization opportunities
  • Improving brand image and company reputation
  • Creating attractive employer conditions and a more productive workforce
  • Building sustainable relationships with customers and partners
  • Comprehensive and cutting edge market, industry and competitor analysis
  • Joining the international ESG community

Develop your ESG strategy

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